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Top Model Armenia Pageant is an international company specialized in beauty and modelling events. 

The delegates who become part of the World Beauty Organization display those characteristics in their everyday lives, both as individuals, who participate in pageants to advance their careers, personal and humanitarian goals, and seek to improve the lives of others. 

Since the beginning in 1993 just very few "brands" or entertainment properties reach an over a decade anniversary. The World Beauty Organization, now is organizing the 22nd Top Model of the World pageant in Qingdao, China.


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The WBO produces the MISS INERCONTINENTAL, TOP MODEL OF THE WORLD, MISS GLOBE and MISTER INTERCONTINENTAL Pageants with its office in Panama City, Panama, as well as with help of representatives worldwide.

It is staffed by directors and specialists in the fields of beauty and modelling as well TV production, to licensing and travel. WBO is able to reach every state in the world.

The TOP MODEL OF THE WORLD Pageant always kicks off the new year as the first Pageant of the year and its generally held in February or in March. The MISS INTERCONTINENTAL® Pageant is usually in September or October and is followed by the MISTER INTERCONTINENTAL Pageant who is currently not produced. However the WBO is thinking over a relaunch soon.

Approximately 70 countries vie for the national title to compete in the MISS INTERCONTINENTAL ® Pageant each year. Delegates from approximately 50 to 60 countries participate in TOP MODEL OF THE WORLD ® and 50 countries vie for the title of MISTER INTERCONTINENTAL

The Contestants

MISS INTERCONTINENTAL ® Delegates must be at least 18 years old and under 27 (in the year they participate in the telecast). TOP MODEL OF THE WORLD ® candidates must be at least 17 and under 26 (in the year they participate in the telecast). MISTER INTERCONTINENTAL Delegates must be 18 years old and under 40 years of age.

The way to the crown is not easy. The Delegates for the national Pageants, participate in local and/or state pageants first - which are produced by local and state pageant directors - as the preliminary step. The winner of the city pageants competes in the state pageant for her home city. The state winners become Delegates for the national pageant. MISS and MISTER INTERCONTINENTAL Pageant delegates must win their respective national pageants in their countries to compete in the event.

For TOP MODEL OF THE WORLD we work as well with "First Class"- Modelling agencies around the globe and have state directors who are producing national pageants or castings to select their winner to compete in our event.

Our current Titleholders:

MISS INTERCONTINENTAL - Hannelly Quintero of Venezuela
MISTER INTERCONTINENTAL - Enrique Cuevas of Venezuela
TOP MODEL OF THE WORLD - Carolina Rodriguez of Colombia

The Titleholders then embark on a year unlike anythink else, receiving exiting travel trips, prizes, cash and services.